Dale – Jul 03, 2020

Victim Location 07470

Type of a scam Employment

Up until May of 2020, there were numerous postings for job applications for this company that seemed incredibly legit. Even multiple searches on the company brought upon dozens of articles and listings from as far back as 2015. They contact you by email for consideration and even hold phone call interviews, giving you a curator by the name of Crystal ****. Their supposed HR Rep is named Patricia ******. All of these names and titles are likely fake. After signing a very thorough contract concerning the position, they have you work for a month with guarantee of your first paycheck through mail. They claim that your performance earns you consideration for a permanent position, but after the first month, they cut contact with you and sever your access to their system.

Tyrone – Jun 27, 2020

Had the same exact experience. Did the packages. Waited for a check. No check arrived. Been told that a new check would arrive. Never came. All communications through email and phone have been cut off.

Roger – May 24, 2020

Victim Location 75115

Type of a scam Employment

Murcel claim to be an online mailing service. They had items sent to my home, my duties were to inspect the contents in each box, make sure that the items were not damaged, take photos, upload the images to an CRM system. Once everything was clear on there end, I re-seal each package, take the previous labels off the package, receive new mailing labels from the CRM system, print them off, place them on the package and mail them out from the nearest Fed-EX facility. I was suppose to be paid monthly but never received payment and known phone numbers, emails, and online pages stopped working after a month. Please BEWARE!!! What I fell for is how everything was so professionally done upfront. There temporary website was well done and informative, I had to complete an application, complete an interview process, and sign what seemed to be legit contractual paperwork to be employed. The company seemed accessible throughout the first month. Murcel claimed to be subsidiary of BDW Inc which I found under the website. This is an awful experience and I do not want anyone else to go through. I hope the will find these culprits and that they will be penalized accordingly.

Lance – May 30, 2020

Everything you just said – the same thing happened to my husband.

Angelica – May 20, 2020

Same thing happened to me. The website is gone, the phone numbers are all disconnected, and the email addresses do not exist anymore. They even left the building warehouse, they were working from since it is currently for lease. I still have packages as I speak and the check never came and no check is coming. It seemed so real.

Claire – May 18, 2020

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s email [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Employment

Initial means of contact Email

Patricia Thomas contacted me regarding a warehouse assistant employment opportunity. We signed an employment contract via docusign. I delivered all packages according to instruction, there are a few that I never eceived shipping labels for. Crustal Hand my curator advised me they would contact me within 10 days regarding permanent employment and my paycheck would be in the mail however 10 days later no check, no instructions, I lost access to the website, Patricia’s email address in now invalid and no one is responding from Crystal’s email nor the supposed payroll department. I have no idea who to contact or what to do now.

Chase – May 19, 2020

The same happened to me man

Marie – May 15, 2020

Same here. Murcel is a scam. I was told that I would be paid by mail initially then direct deposit. The check never came. Access to the internal site went down and communication stopped. I still had packages waiting to be shipped. Too good to be true. I’m only out my time, but now worry about identity theft.

Julian – May 14, 2020

They are scammers. If they offer you a job, take it and then take the merchandise. Patricia Thomas, Crystal Hans, it’s all bull[censored]. Report it to the FBI immediately

Bryan – May 14, 2020

Same thing happened to me. Same Patricia Thomas, same promises, alllll bull[censored].

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Brenda – May 14, 2020

This happen to me too. It seemed so real. I looked up reviews and info and didn’t see these bad ones. The BBB had an A rating from what I saw; they sent packages, had emails and calls, had everything seeming so real. I spent my own money on boxes and paper and ink and spent time wasting on doing this and after the first month of the probation they said the check to me was lost in the mail. Then they said they sent again and now I can’t reach anyone anywhere and the site is down too. I don’t even know what else to do. I filled out a DocuSign and everything with them, how is this happening ?

Willie – May 14, 2020

Same thing happened to me. I completed the 30 probationary period back in April. I’m still waiting to get paid. I also had a run in with local police because some of the items I received were purchased with stolen credit card information. Everyone should report this company to the labor board and bbb asap.

Randi – May 08, 2020

Victim Location 76522

Type of a scam Employment

I received an email a "Patricia Thomas" who claims to be HR Department, for the company "Murcel BDW" and she explains the job, as a work from home job (warehouse assistant) position. Packages arrive and we (the employee) receive the packages log it in on their website to download the shipping and package list to then re ship to the location assigned. They promise $2,700 for the first month and 3,000 after. They assign you a curator which is the person to help through your fist month. The closer you get to completing your first month, they stop contacting you and you lose access to the website and all contact. PLEASE be careful guys not to fall victom like I did and lose your home because people out here are toxic and have nothing better to do but SCAM.

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