Mystery Shopper Division 21

Aimee –

Type of a scam Employment

Enclosed please find copy of the letter, report sheet and cheque in the amount of $2,980.24 I received from Adams Rogens who contacted us by e-mail and requested my services, as “Mystery Shopper” with just little information I provided, copy of emails included as well.

A few days later I received said letter with cheuqe, but my husband suggested I do further investigation, as it was very “funny” that people will send me a cheque in half amount to it to start. I spoke with a good friend of ours and showed him he does. He suggested to return those docs. along with cheque which you will find copy of my letter addressed to Mr. Adams Rogens.

Please take this seriously and investigate, as these people look like they are launderying money and using good people like we to do that.

Sharon –

Type of a scam Employment

I received text message in regards to performing surveys for money. I responded for more information giving them my name and address only and they said check and instructions were being mailed to me as I was selected as a mystery shopper. I text them again and asked for more information about company and business licence # to verify they were a legitimate business. I didn’t here anything back but did receive a cheque for $ 2970 and instructions in mail Mar 21/17. They tell me to deposit cheque and keep certain amount in account and then call phone number. I’m also to conduct a survey of on the Bank and Walmart (sheet and questions provided). I haven’t nor do I intend to complete either of these instructions. I googled company name on check and it is a Taxi company in Ottawa (*** *** ***), not sure if they know their name is being used on checks for Survey company?

Gina –

Type of a scam Employment

A mystery shopping job offered to me by David Johnson supposedly the director of operation, he wanted me to take this cheque he sent me in the mail to cash it into my bank account and make a money gram transfer of $1,200 & also another western union transfer of $1,200 then I was to keep the rest of the cheque but to spend it all & prove with reciept I spent it all & fax it to him only, the total of the cheque was for $2,920.80

Frederick –

Type of a scam Other

I had replied to an email that my wife had got about a company looking for mystery shoppers in my region. about a week after i had first contacted them they replied saying that i was accepted as a mystery shopper. i just had to give them my name and address to get started. another week or so went by then i got a letter in the mail with a cheque enclosed and my instructions were to deposit 500 of it in my account and take 2490 and deposit it in another account I have yet to get that account number because this is as far as i have got and now I’m really nervous. I think I may have been scammed and I have already cashed the cheque because when i went to the bank and asked i had 2 seperate tellers inform me that it was a legitimate cheque which made me think that it wasnt a scam at first until I called mr. Alex Rogers and he wanted me to deposit so much of it into another account. from the research i have just done mystery shopper companies dont ask you to deposit funds in any other accounts.

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