Naturally Fit

Gary –

Type of a scam Employment

I got an invitation of a work-from-job, which is for data entry/administrative assistant position through a text message. They used the company name "Naturally Fit" and want me to interview with a "hiring manager" called Gregg Clark using the Google Handout. We using around half an hour to go through the interview, and I got the job offer next day morning. They first send me an job offer letter, which start making things convincing. After that, the "hiring manager" told me "the company" will send a startup fund using a check though email, with images of front and back side of the check to purchase needed equipment and software, they require me to deposit the check through mobile deposit. As I talk to the man longer and longer, I start feel suspicious because he never get into the detail related to the job; also, when I tried to ask what is the purpose/relationship between what I am doing and the job, he response differently, specifically impatiently and rudely. After I told him I have made the deposit, he required me to send the fund to an "agent", but at the same time, my bank account was on hold because of the check verification as the bank representative told. At the meantime, I asked the bank representative to check if the check is counterfeit because I feel suspicious. As a result, the bank representative told me that it is a fake check. Therefore, I recognized I have been a victim of a job scam.

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