NCR Collections

Edward –

Victim Location 60435

Type of a scam Debt Collections

This guy Oliver from this company NCR Collections called my father telling him he owed this money because he didn’t cancel within a 14 day notice and that they’re about to put him in collections if he didn’t pay. Turns out it was a product I thought I got for free taking a survey online which came across as ‘Amazon’. It Definitely wasnt Amazon!!! Take the survey and pick your gift,Just pay shipping $4.95. I cancelled when I got the product but they said I cancelled after the 14 day trail and now they want there money. Telling me there going to put me in collections if I don’t pay. I asked for a validation letter to be sent to my house and they sent me an email and when you open it up the first thing it ask for is your SSN to log you in. That’s when I backspaced out and started looking them up but didn’t find to much.

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