New Vission Huskies

Ernest –

Victim Location 23220

Total money lost $1,400

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I found this website for a puppy. I contacted them and agreed to purchase a puppy. The person said he had a coupon to transport the puppy by air for free. I sent a money gram in the amount of $***. He emailed me back after receiving the money stating he was making the arrangements and the transportation people would be in touch. The next day the transportation (Extra Sky Transport) stating they needed a deposit of $*** for a special kennel and would be refunded upon arrival of the puppy. The website looked very legit. I sent a money gram in the amount of $***. I then heard back asking for $*** more. I started asking questions and both New Vissions and Extra Sky Transport became very irritated with me. I asked for refunds and they kept refusing. The transortation people even threatened me with pet abuse charges. New Vissions stated that he would pay $*** towards the $*** and that’s it. I did not respond. The next day he contacted me again. I told him to leave me alone. I knew there was no puppy. He got my money and good for him. I asked him not to bother me anymore. I have not heard from either one of them. This was approximately 3 weeks ago. The puppies on his website are the same exact age as when I first viewed them. I believe both copies are out of Virigina. Extra Sky Transport is also know as Elite Pet Transportation Intl. This is very aggervating, and I don’t want someone else to have this happent to them.

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