Network Security Department

Sara –

Victim Location 39059

Type of a scam Tech Support

My elderly father has gotten several phone calls from these people. Apparently they say they are from a network security department and that in 2017 my mother was under a yearly contract with them regarding IP address protection for her computer whatever that means. My mother said she never signed or verbally agreed to any contract with these people over the phone. Apparently back in 2017 though, she was having problems with her computer and someone supposedly from microsoft charged her 299 dollars to fix the problem and then told her there was nothing wrong with her computer. Don’t know if these are the same people or not from back then. The man stated his name was John and that they were going to make my parents pay 7,200 dollars and get the money out of their bank account to pay for this. I called these people and could not even understand the man (foreign evidently) I was talking to named John and furthermore went on to get a recording of our phone call. I told him I was reporting this to the and also I am calling the attorney general’s office regarding this. They are taking advantage of the elderly and scamming them and making it seem real to them. This is total fraud and needs to be investigated further because I’m sure more elderly people are getting these phone calls from the above number. Beware of these people.

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