NextEra Energy

Mayra – Apr 30, 2020

Victim Location 20905

Total money lost $60

Type of a scam Employment

I was looking for payroll jobs hiring on google and one was on the list named NextEra Energy Payroll Clerk, it was job posted on indeed. It took me to a website where I applied and the contacted me the next day. Some man named Tony Bruce, now I know this is not the real name of the man that contacted me. He gave me an online interview through google chat asking me of my experiences in this field. I soon started printing out multiple labels and paychecks everyday or whenever he sent them, I took them to the proper postal company on the label, either usps, fedex or ups. I was sent a batch of at least 30 checks at a time all with no less than $5,000 each check. Each check had different names but eventually the same group of names ranging from 60-70 people would reoccur on these checks. I used my own money to buy the check paper, ink for my printer and paper from staples because he informed me that I would be reimbursed with my paycheck every month which I was suppose to get paid $1000 once a month. He asked me how I would like to get paid in the interview I said Cashapp and he agreed to it. This went on for about 2 weeks, he called me today because I was taking too long to reply to his message on google chat and the phone number was a California area code. When I picked up this man was peeing when I said hello and said "This is Tony i messaged you can your respond?" In a full on African accent, I said okay and he hung up. His picture on his gmail is a white man smiling. I was already suspicious from the beginning but I was also being hopeful that I wasnt about to get scammed. I put all that work in, used my own money and used my gas to go to the shipping locations. Now when I ask him to Cashapp me money to buy more ink and paper because I refuse to use my own money again. He kept telling me to find a way to get the money because we made an agreement that I will get paid once a month, beginning one month from the day I started. I told him if he cant send me my money that I already wasted and the extra money I need to buy those supplies then I cant help him. Now i just want my money back that I spent already cause I cant get back the time I already wasted on this liar. He already has my address and a picture of my drivers license.

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