Noah’s Ark Moving

Dustin –

Victim Location 85202

Total money lost $53.46

Type of a scam Moving

We were moving from a one bedroom apartment to another one bedroom that was less than six miles down the road. This U-Haul location was in the middle of the two apartments. I saw some bad reviews, but I convinced myself that the convenience of its location made it worth it.

We made two trips between the apartments (6×4= 24, and this is rounded up from 5.8) plus the small amount of mileage to and from the U-Haul (6 miles if I am being generous, it was between the two locations) and picked up gas on the way back from our last trip (.1 miles if I am being generous). Bringing us to grand total, a bit highly estimated, of 30.1 miles. We were charged for 84 miles.

That’s off by about 54 miles. This was either brought about by pure incompetence or they are willfully scamming people. I can not say for certain, but based on other reviews it seems this is a regular occurrence.

They did not do a pre-inspection with us, which I thought was weird, but figured it made it quicker and did not think too much on it. They also did not do a post-inspection with us which should have been a huge red flag. I took a picture before we set out, but forgot to take a picture after completing our move.

When I contacted the location the guy told me that they can not change the mileage on their trucks and that it would be illegal for them to do so. I never insinuated that they changed the mileage on their trucks only that they incorrectly charged me for over 50 miles I did not travel. I am guessing this is his go-to phrase when dealing with people he has overcharged (again through incompetence or greed I know not).

Bottom line: there seems to be a trend of people that were taken advantage of by those working at this location. I hope they are ashamed of what they are doing, but at the very least I hope they lose business and do not have the opportunity to scam more people. If you value your money or being treated with respect then please do not go here.

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