Albert –

Victim Location 32533

Type of a scam Tech Support

The following is a copy of the email I received.


Gary Alex Sanders

Feb 4 at 1:10 PM

Gary Alex Sanders

Senior manager


Dear *** ***,

Hi this email is from NOTON PCHELP and the reason why we are sending this email to you because we Will like to inform you that the service Which you have Signed up with NOTON PCHELP has been expired so the service will be automatically renewed in 2 days and the renewal charges will be 700 USD for lifetime technical support contract and it will be automatically debited from your account because you have Signed a contract with NOTON PCHELP for the auto renewal contract however if you don’t want to continue with our service you can call on this number 1-315-995-2215 this our cancellation department number and ask NOTON PCHELP to cancel the service and after that you will have to fill up a cancellation form in order for the services to get cancelled and we will like to inform you that the service Which you have Signed up for is the computer protection I hope you remember that you called us when you wore facing problem with your computer and quicken so we fixed the problem and you paid us certain amount and the invoice of that contract was sent to your email so kindly call us on 1-315-995-2215 if you wish to cancel the contract otherwise the contract will be renewed automatically and the money will be debited from your account.

Thank you



My call was returned on 2/5/2019. I was told I would receive a refund from the previous work done by this company and the auto renew contract would be cancelled. I gave them the information they asked for (which was not a good move). I had alerted my bank that I thought this was a scam and fortunately for me they declined the withdrawal request. I changed my debit card and the old one was destroyed. I used a website to find out where this call came from and it listed several numbers in sequence that were tied to the number I called.

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