N&S Partners

Derek –

Victim Location 63304

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I was contacted by a private phone call in which I was told that I was getting served a sup peona if I didn’t call a number this person gave me and when I asked him who he was he said he was just a person that represented the company in between, he was just giving me the number to the company which was N & S Partners and they tried to convince me that I owe them some money. Upon calling the number I talked to someone and they said that they were going to serve me a sub peona if I didn’t pay the amount of $1200. They said that I owe more than that but that’s a settlement and if I didn’t take that they were going to take me to court and garnish my husband’s paycheck. So of course that left me scared. Good thing happened I checked my credit report for some reason they decided to do a soft pull on my credit I don’t know why they would even do this in the first place. They said the reason was because they have the deed to my debt now and they own it. This still doesn’t add up to me. So I looked online everywhere to try to find information about this company and couldn’t find anything and when I questioned them about it, they got mad and said they didn’t have to have information available, but I’m just fit to hand you $1200. So I asked him Shawn Shields to give me proof he sends me an email with a settlement letter. This still doesn’t prove anything because in the beginning they didn’t have the right address, no website or anything but he said that their company doesn’t have a website but he messed up a little bit cause I don’t know but at the end of his return email nspartners.biz was and eigbox.net to affliated websites he had listed I don’t know why but he had them on his info at. so researched some of them and that’s when I found this website. But here is a sample copy of little bits of the settlement letter

As of June 4, 2015 N&S Partners is prepared to offer a settlement of $1,200.00 to satisfy the above referenced debt,

provided we receive signed, dated authorization to charge the above amount to your credit card. This arrangement is

based on a total of (1) payment to be paid by credit card. There is no grace period.

Upon receipt of payment clearing our bank, N&S Partners trade line with all major credit reporting agencies will be

updated accordingly.


DATE & AMOUNT OF CHARGE: June 30, 2015 $1,200.00

Name as it appears on credit card _____ ________

Current Address: _____

Card Number: _ _________________ Expiration Date: ___

Three Digit Code (On back of card) ___ _________

Authorization Signature________________________________________________________________

Drivers License #:_________________________________________State________________________

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