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Kathleen – Jul 13, 2020

These people just called me. I was suspicious but they had all my information. Thank goodness I did a quick search of the telemedicine they happened to mention. Once I saw here about the surprise bill, I asked about it. She said yes and that she would have discussed it and how to get help if I needed it paid AFTER I would have received the service. I told her that is not how to do business and ended the interaction.
Google says Medicare won’t call you to sell you unsolicited products anyway.
$25 isn’t much. But the principal is monumental.

Miguel – May 30, 2020

My mother received a telemarketer call the week of 5/25/20 telling her that she could get a free knee brace if she’s ever had problems with her knee (she is registered on the National Do Not Call Registry). She was cautious, but they continued to emphasize that is was completely free to her. They wanted her social security number but she refused. Then, they asked for her Medicare number and she gave it to them. A doctor was supposed to call her, but never did. Later in the week, she received a heavy-duty knee brace. Today, 5/30/20, she received a $25 bill for a telemedicine doctor consultation. The letter explains she was recorded on the phone and that she understood there would be a $25 charge for the consultation. She knows that had she been told that, she would not have continued with this “free” brace. Now she’s stuck with a knee brace she will never use and an unpaid bill that will probably go to collections. Thanks, Qivvy Tech!

Cameron – Jun 19, 2020

Please contact your state Attorney General. More people have to do that so that there is a paper trail. We reported the issue of a Back Brace to the MN Attorney General and they sent Quivvy Tech several letters with no response back. They are scamming to many elderly.

Kristopher – May 28, 2020

Yes, my mother received a back brace in the mail Thursday, 5/21/2020 with no memory of having ordered it. A bill came days later for the $25.00 telemedicine fee, and all kinds of disclaimers saying she was aware of being recorded and approving a telemedicine consultation.
I will be reporting this to the Texas Attorney General and whoever else I can report it to. And I will NOT be paying the telemedicine fee.

Jodi – Jun 19, 2020

Thank you for reporting this to the Texas Attorney General. Quivvy Tech has said they never received anything from the MN Attorney General about our mom’s case but Quivvy is reaching out to our family. We requested the conversation from them when they talked to our mom and they gave us part of it. The part where she called them is what was not given. The back brace was over $1,000 which was billed to her insurance and medicare and she no longer has any info to give out.

Deborah – Apr 22, 2020

My 99 year old father was called and somehow! he gave them his Medicare number. I immediately called Medicare to report it. I was on hold for an hour but then reached a representative that was very helpful.
Then a week later I get a bill for $25.00 for a telemedicine consultation. Then mu father receives a back brace in the mail. I;m sure they are billing Medicare a large fee. My father does not have any problems with his back.
I wish I had taken the call. Be aware out there. Numerous [censored] are trying to cheat you or someone you know

Levi – Jun 19, 2020

Report them to your state Attorney General. When I called Medicare to report it they could not talk to me since I am not POA for her. I sign checks. The back brace is over $1,000 and Medicare would not even put a note in her records. The MN Attorney General has contacted them several times but they don’t respond.

Margaret – Mar 31, 2020

Victim Location 61814

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

Quivvy Tech called my 86 year old mother trying to get her to let them send her braces. They are billing her personally for a "telemedicine consultation". They claim in the bill sent that they have her recorded as agreeing to this. A box of braces arrived at their home, dropped at the door and found the next morning. Apparently they have billed this to medicare. She neither requested or needed them. Her DOB appears on the bill sent. My father, who has mild dementia, and is in a wheel chair, decided he would keep the knee braces. He is convinced he needs them to walk. We can’t return them.

My mother frequently gets these telemarketing calls. I told her to just hang up, she feels she has to explain why she doesn’t want there services. She is already on the do not call list…since 2008!

This, at least to me, is waste fraud, and abuse. I have reported this to the HHS-OAG and to the OIG for the state of Illinois, now here.

Latoya – Jun 19, 2020

Good for you in reporting them. I hope more people from all over do it. They do record them and will provide you with a portion of the recorded tape. You won’t get the first part of when your parent supposedly called them. It is sad to hear what they get them to say they need.

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