Dawn –

Victim Location 96744

Total money lost $89.95

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I sent a payment for shipping of $5.99 on Feb 2, 2016. This was for a small sample jar of eye cream. I saw the add online with Doc Oz and Oprah, and various other celebrities. Then this company charged me again $89.95 for a monthly shipment. I didn’t authorize this payment. I have been trying to track them down for the past 4 days by their phone # 1 844 538-3429 and thru my bank, USAA. By some fluke I got hold of them, today, Feb 18, 2016 and a very foreign sounding women tried to convince me to keep my account by reducing the price from $89.95 to $55.95 then, $35.99 then $20, a month. She said that she was in San Diego. I did cancel my account, and my CC. The product is called "Nuvioexa" stem CellActiv. I was stupid to fall for this, and I ask that you somehow put them out of business.

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