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Lee – Aug 27, 2020

Received an email today about a loan that I never applied for.

Angel –

Victim Location 45203

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

This is the third time i have typed this report, so I am going to make this report short, you can contact me by email only.

I received a text from Mr. Ray Smith, offering me a personal loan of 5000.00 @148.00 per month for 36 months. The loan was supposed to be deposited in to my bank account in 45 minutes and it never arrived, I contacted Mr. Smith back and he stated give it 20 more minutes. About 15 minutes later I received a call from someone stating he was from my bank informing me that the loan would not be put into my account because it was unsecured loan and the the loan need to be transferred into a secured loan and 50.00 insurance need to put on the loan and it need to be paid by him. So I contacted Mr. Smith and informed him what I was told and he told me that I needed to pay the money myself and I informed him that I did not have any money and he need to cancel the loan, I did tell him that I would go open another account and he could trans for the money in that account he told me not to do that and try to get the money and call him back in an hour. I told him I would try, bu what I did was contact my bank because this did not sound right and I inquired about the phone number from the so-call bank associate and I was told the number was not associated with the bank then I told them what was going on and I think I was being scammed and she agreed, I closed my bank account and and gave them the number. I called the number back and it was an ad for a cruise. I went out on the BBB website and found out about organization and I saw that there were several complaints about this organization. I texted Mr. Smith back and told him that I did not have the 50.00 and I did not wanted the loan and also told him that I had check him out on the BBB website and that he was a naughty boy and the I wanted him to destroy my information and never call me again. I further told him that I would contact the authorities on him and his two friends. I think that there are 3 individuals involved., Mr. Smith, the African man that called me on the phone and the a man named Adam who called me 15 minutes before Mr. Smith texted me about giving me the loan. This Adam person asked my about my students loans and he stated that I had a lot of loans on my credit and I told him that my loans were taking care of and there were loan inquires. I would appreciate it if my information would be destroyed and not passed around. Thank you Other numbers involved 800-2450289 and 813-975-7162

Robert –

Victim Location 36107

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I received an email from "David White" (foreign accent) saying I’d been pre-approved for a loan. The subject line said, "Loan Approval Letter". I clicked the attachment to get his phone number 773-455-5907 or 773-455-5960 for One Finance Loans. Another name used was Jose Sanders. When I called David, he asked for my online banking user name and password. I didn’t give it to him. He then asked for me to get a gift card for $150 and give him the info. I hung up.

Kellie –

Victim Location 44110

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I received a call letting me know that I was approved for the loan. I got transferred to someone else and they told me that I needed to go to a dollar general and get a gift card for $200 for insurance. I thought that was very strange so I looked into it and couldn’t find anything about the business.

Brendan –

Victim Location 21244

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

This company is a complete scram. Don’t fall for their none sense at all. The talked me into given my my personal information to them, that is my banking information, user name and password, last 4 digits of my and, addressed. They are going g to deposit 10,000 into your account. The asked me to wire them back the amount of 850. To them in order to create a relationship with them and bring my credit line up. It us a bad scram please don’t fall for it at all. No company in America will borrow the full amount of 10000 dollars without any collateral, or anything in collection such as a house, cars, or personal belongings. Alan Martin has call me over 100 times now. I had to block his number. They claim to have A+ with the but if checked on website there’s no result that comes out for that company. Watch out for them they claim to be in New Jersey wash out

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