qt preparation llc

Dylan – Jan 28, 2020

Victim Location 23509

Total money lost $4,200

Type of a scam Tax Collection

I have worked with Jerry Eckhardt at a previous job and he was referred by many mutual acquaintances. He prepared my taxes before and I received the same amount I would have anyway, its just that I trusted him to get the max with the right information. On my 2018 returns he used my oldest daughter age 26 on my returns and said she was blind. I have 5 kids so using her was not necessary, because I have claimable dependents. So I was audited and my taxes were adjusted by the irs and never corrected, leaving me 8 months to wait for my return and 2000 less in taxes. He also did my 24yr old son taxes and claimed him as 65yrs old, blind and with a blind dependent and now all the taxes he got back last year he owes this year. I have all the email correspondence, messenger and text messages with my documents i sent him and his responses. I paid upfront and I don’t understand why would he do this? He did not get paid anymore than what I sent him, he just lost a good customer and many referrals. I also had to reroute my returns back to my account instead of his.

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