Quick Address Change/Dakshabhi IT Solutions Private Limited

Jamie – Jul 31, 2020

Victim Location 55414

Total money lost $19.95

Type of a scam Moving

Having just moved, I went online to change my address with USPS. Foolishly, I typed "USPS change of address" into Google and clicked on the first link that said "USPS® Change of Address Form". Assuming I was on the official USPS website, I filled out the prompted information such as my name, previous address, new address, and phone number, then was directed to the payment information page. Having changed my address in the past, I knew that USPS charged about $1 for the change of address, so I filled out my payment info and clicked submit. Then, since I have my credit card connected to my phone, I saw a notification from my bank. While I expected this to be the $1 charge from USPS, it was actually a $19.95 charge from some company called Dakshabhi IT Solutions Private Limited! Dakshabhi processes credit card payments using PayPal, so the transaction showed up being from PayPal.

I admit that I was foolish to just blindly click on a link and fill in information without reading more carefully, but everything about the website was meant to obscure their true identity and imitate the USPS website. Furthermore, the final price of $19.95 for the service to change the address (which I am not sure the website actually provides) is not presented in an obvious place and the reason for this charge is never explained.

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