Quick Cash Advance

Mario –

Victim Location 29691

Total money lost $998

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I had been online looking for a loan. I received a call from this company. I gave them my banking account information so that they could deposit the $900 loan. Once the money was deposited, I was asked to go and withdraw the money and buy Google Play cards for $998. The check they deposited was no good and now my account is overdrawn. I did give them the numbers off the Google Play cards. They were going to loan me a total of $2,000.

Armando –

Victim Location 74727

Total money lost $330

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I was contacted bye a Loan Company called "Quick Cash Advance", a Mr David Wilson. I was wanting to make a loan for $3,000.

They sent an agreement form with all the pay back info. They then tried to deposit $3,000 in my Bank ( Bancorp.com). My bank refused the deposit twice an charged them $165 each time. Then a Mr. Williams the main loan officer began calling an talking to me. He said I’d have to replace the $330 for the lian. He then increased the loan to $4,000. I bought 6 $50 Steam gift cards because I wanted a loan to consolidate bills. But a lady from Steam because of a bad card (purchased at Walmart in Bonham, Texas) she cancelled all the cards an told me she was sending me a refund of the $330 plus $25 for each card. Never got refund. Mr. Williams with Quick Cash Advance called and told me I would have to pay a $300 Western Union fee. I said no because my app said only $44 to transfer 4,000. He got my $330. I got no loan. Can you help.

Jenny –

Victim Location 90039

Total money lost $100

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I had been applying for online loans in December. On December 18, 2017, I received a call from Michelle Morris of Quick Cash Advance (915-400-9032) on my cell phone who offered me a personal loan of $*** for 22 months at $100 per month, including a $*** insurance payment since my credit was not good (My credit score is good which I told her.). She sent me conditional loan documents which appeared to be legitimate. I had to also buy a Steam Card under section 59-A of the BBB(ScamPulse.com) to pay for the $100 verification/ insurance fee, but none were available locally so Michelle told me to purchase an App Store & ITunes card worth $*** and giver her the redeemable code on it. I did so and she said my deposit would be in my bank account within 15-20 minutes. Nothing happened. About an hour later while on the phone with Michelle, I received a call from someone with a foreign accent claiming to be from my bank and asking me to tell my loan company to remove clause 15 & 16 from the deposit info so they could receive the money. I asked Michelle about it , and she told me they could not remove clause 15 & 16 because it concerned guaranteed repayment if my account . I asked her was there any other way to receive the money, and she said by Western Union, but it would cost me $*** upfront to receive the money. She also said her company had made 5 attempts to deposit money to my account, and it incurred bank fees to them. I told her I did not have $150 and I’d already lost $100. She agreed to give me a $2500 loan, plus the insurance of $100 back if I did the Western Union transaction with her. She said she would talk with after the Holidays on Jan. 8th to see what I wanted to do. On Jan 8th, I called my bank to find out why that company could not deposit money into my checking account, My bank said they put no restrictions on deposit into someone’s account unless the depositor had the wrong account number. I then called Michelle at 915-400-9232, but a man named Alex Parker answered and said that he was her manager, and she was away from her desk. To make a long story short, he tried to scam me out of $*** insurance fee to Western Union and also arranger another lender to give me $300 of that money so I could do it since I only had $*** So, he said he’d call me back with a lender and had me email the original docs, text him my address (where they would send the final loan docs) and debit card number. Also, my phone rang at 6 am the next morning from 915-400-9032, but I did not answer it. Next day, Michelle called me on (915400-9262) saying she’d tried to call me in the am and left a voicemail(no phone registry for her number nor voicemail) and asked if I still wanted to do the loan now etc. I told her about Alex and she said he was a fraud, and that the number he called on was no longer her bus number. They had changed for January. I also told her what my bank said about their deposit in December and requested a refund on the $100 insurance payment and could not afford the new $150 fee. She said she could hold it open for me in the future.. She also said that her company incurred $*** in bank charges trying to deposit last month to my account, I told her that was not possible and asked again for my $100 refund. She said no, and I told her I would report them. She hung up.

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