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Margaret –

Victim Location 10025

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

1) Sept 2017, Called me when I’m supposed to be on DNC List. 2) Offered affordable terms to someone needy, but up front fee of $450 necessary, can’t be taken from the loan principal amount, because some investors are off-shore, and will be depositing the loan directly to recipient. 3) Website says personal loan range $300 – 7,000. On phone, I asked $1,000, and was told $5,000 is minimum. 4) Asked if I want to ask for $10,000. 5) I checked my State AG’s info re. fees, can’t be more than .5%, which would be $50. for $5,000. Told agent that, in Sept.-Oct. Starting over 1/29/18, said fee would be $150 for wire transfer and credit checking. 6) Very unprofessional sounding noisy background during calls, and pushy attitude by agent. 7) I signed online agreement documents, faxed, and sent one item by mail, which was returned by P.O. 8) After being told not to call back, I’ll call them if I chose, agent called monthly. 9) A series of other, suspiciously close-in-time calls by apparently phony come-ons, suggesting connection/working out of the same boiler room: a) they called while I was on hold with someone else, notice of call cut-in on extant call (I have a simple cell phone); b) right after faxing to them, the REALLY phony call by "We’re the IRS, you’re being watched right now, if you don’t pay we’ll come and arrest you"; c) within minutes of hanging up with agent, Phony Dell computer service call. (Are they the same company who put the virus in the computer a year ago, so they can claim they’ll service it? I checked Dell Customer Service phone numbers online – no match – and reported them. Service scam called various times, with one guy being obviously out of his mind -"Open your computer" repeatedly, after I explained I don’t have current account service to turn it on.) 10) I gave a (defunct) checking acct no. to do a transfer test. Agent said after the acct. test, a closing agent would come by my residence in person for signing documents. 11) First phone number they called from is in IL, second shows no state on monitor before sending ‘dial’, and some calls show "RESTRICTED" in Call History. Today I asked him why his phone’s restricted, he said it’s his personal extension, would I like him to call from the business number. 12) Their website looked hokey, with unprofessional presentation of non-native speaker English. I went to a ‘report/score this site’ page, and the agent who called me was the one giving them a good rating. I’ve found this ScamPulse.com website giving them an "F" rating, with two scams on record, before going through with it. I’m kind of willing to let it happen, for the sake of participating with getting somebody turned in – but I can’t take somebody to Small Claims Court from out-of-state.

Derek –

Victim Location 63118

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

My husband was looking for a personal loan. He found this place. They said that for a 10,000 dollar loan that he need to send 500 dollars for attorney fees, and file packing and auditing…the gentleman he spoke with kept harassing him about sending the money because he get a commission…and the account that he wanted it sent to was the lawyers bank account. I felt something was wrong spo I searched the address and couldn’t find anything.

Lacey –

Victim Location 11212

Total money lost $360

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I was "approved" for a $50,000.00 loan, I was then told I would need to pay a $360 attorney and processing fee. One week later I was then asked for another $1,014 for the release of the $50,000 loan into my bank account, this "last payment" was for security measures incase I would not be able to re-pay the loan and this payment would need to be paid through travelers check. They sent via email documents that looked like a real company asking for signatures and personal information.

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