Quickbook Consulting Imposter

Raymond –

Victim Location 19056

Total money lost $499

Type of a scam Tech Support

Dear BBB,

Yesterday I called a number I got from the internet for Quickbooks, 877-227-2303. The people I spoke with were Andrew, Scott, Elvin, Steven; 4 different men talked to me. I thought I was speaking with Quickbooks but they misrepresent themselves letting you believe they are Quickbooks, using their name Quickbook.

I just purchased my new computer and Quickbooks Destop Pro at the end of October 2018 and the program was downloaded by Staples tech with the help of Intuit.

Staples set up my computer and everything was printing and working from Quickbooks. Then the computer said I needed to install an update. I did and it was my printer. After that I could not print from QBs.

I called Staples and the tech told me to call QBs and they would be able to help me.

I found the above number and called. I thought the program was under warranty, but the person who answered said it was only under warranty for 15 days and that I needed to buy the technical support in order to fix my problem and it was $499 for one year.

Of course, I was upset because I thought I had at least a years warranty on it. I should have stopped at this point but did not.

unfortunately, I gave them access to my computer and they went in and said there were errors; I told them that I was not having a problem with QBs at all only with the print feature. I could not get QBs to print to my printer.

I believed them and I put the $499 on my credit card. I sent the receipt from Paypal and the Quick Books Support information they gave me to print out and told me to use if I have any other problem to Intuit Fraud. (I did not send with this complaint.)

However, I was not happy and I called Staples to let tech who told me to call QBs know what happened and he immediately said that I was scammed. He told me to call my credit card and put a hold/dispute on the amount and I did. He said that I have a years warranty with the program.

I decided to try and find the correct number this morning and I found it using Intuit instead of Quick Books in the search. I call Intuit/Quickbooks and let them know what happened. I email their fraud department at their request.

I told them I was also going to call the ScamPulse.com.

Please let me know what you discover about this business. I appreciate that your company checks up on companies such as this.

Kind regards,

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