Alexis –

Victim Location 95621

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

I received another call from Quickbeds.com explaining that they wanted to buy my Pueblo Bonito Membership for 3x the purchase price. This is the third time I was called, I thought it was a scam the first two times. When I received the offer I was flabbergasted! Wow! This is too good to be true! I received a call from the law office of Andrew Crocker Smith who explained that they do this type of transaction on occasion and this is a legitimate offer. George Zimmerman, of Quickbeds wanted my timeshare!

WOW! Too good to be true! I accepted their offer and was called by the “Transfer Department” of Pueblo Bonito, stating I had to pay the balance of my account before we could complete the transaction. They would only accept a wire transfer for the remaining amount. I received the wire transfer instructions and there was no mention of Pueblo Bonito. So I call Member services. They state clearly to disregard any communication from this company, that this is a scam.

Long story short… It sounds too good to be true… It’s a scam.

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