U S Grant Funding

Bryan –

Victim Location 44035

Type of a scam Government Grant

I received a call yesterday on my cell phone. They were calling from U S Grant Funding. Max Smith was the caller. The phone number on my caller ID 156-765-4555 The caller had an accent. I was offered a grant of $11,580. I was chosen because I pay my bills on time and have no warrants. He asked for a debit card. I gave him and old card number that is no longer good. They instructed me to call 347-418-0595 and speak with Kelly Brown. They gave me a code of AW79. I called the phone number. She requested $230 to process the loan. I questioned why they wanted that amount. I told them to take it out of the grant money. I understand it is a scam. I hung up on her.

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