United transportation co. Ltd

Caleb –

Victim Location 12207

Type of a scam Employment

The person ‘david goldenberg’ emailed me about a job I had applied to on zip recruiter for a remote project manager position. They sent me a training materials that looked like they were from a contract, not normal looking training material. The tests were really easy. I did some digging on the domain and some forensic investigation on the domain. The register is shady as [censored] and the domain is aperantly hosted Montreal. The company is allegedly base in Zurich and has offices in several countries. I called the management company for each office and they had no tenant by the name of the company. After Further investigation I could not find any part facilities by the companies name. They did call me from a Zurich number once. I also found the corporation name listed with the bank of bengcock thialand. The office soft ware had tell tales of piracy in the meta data.

The final straw was the email I received from the would be training manager which makes me suspect it’s same sort of money laundering operation or check cashing scam.

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