united value benefits

Christian –

Victim Location 13088

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

I signed up for this "insurance" thinking that it was health insurance. I spoke to a gentleman on the phone who confirmed several times over the phone that it was health insurance that would cover 65% of the medical bills and I would only be responsible for 35%. I decided to go with the cheapest plan because it was the only one I was able to afford and wanted to make sure I had health coverage so I didn’t have to pay the fine. Over the phone both myself and my girlfriend asked several times to confirm that this was actual health insurance. United Value Benefits sells their medical savings program as Health Insurance. This turns out to NOT be health insurance even though they confirmed it was indeed health insurance. When I attempted to call and cancel my policy after reading reviews online, I was unable to get a hold of anyone. No one would answer the phone and when they would they would hang up when I started asking questions. I received emails in the beginning that NEVER stated this was a medical savings program and not health insurance. United Value benefits have been scamming people into signing up for their medical savings plans by selling it as health insurance. Now that I found out it is not health insurance, I am out $700 for the year in payments to United Value benefits and now I have to pay the no health care fine. Even though I was totally unaware this was a medical savings program NOT healthcare like United Value Benefits stated.

Abigail –

Victim Location 70001

Total money lost $320

Type of a scam Other

Health insurance company. United Value Benefits. I was shopping for health insurance and when I was speaking with the agent in November 2015 there wasn’t anything negative about this company. Their website appeared to be in order. I tried to find a doctor in their network and it said that my member ID number was not valid and the website no longer working. I have tried the phone number that I was given no one will answer the phone. They have all of my personal information and have been taking $80 from my account each month since November

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