US Government Grants Department

Dana –

Victim Location 99169

Total money lost $1,370

Type of a scam Government Grant

It started with 3 calls from the following numbers: 8:19 am; 424-502-0191 lasted 11 seconds, 8:44 am; 424-502-0147 lasted 11 seconds, 9:05 am; 424-502-0157 lasting 11 seconds, each time no one answered. Next call at 9:29 am; 424-502-0173, then transferred to 443-360-0966, lasted for 59 minutes and 3 seconds. They claimed to be from US Government Grants Department and gave me their address; 9000 Rockville Pike, Bephesda, MD. 20892. They also gave me a claim number WA234541. They said I was going to be issued a grant for $14,566. I was then transferred to a Federal Officer (Duke Wagner Id# VW002), phone number 443-360-0966. He told me I qualified for an Individual Grant. All I needed to do was open a Google Play account, since Google was helping to sponsor the grant. I was told to open an account with a $370 card. He said that he needed to verify that I had open the account by the number on the back of the card. He stayed on the phone with me while I did it to make sure I bought the right card. Officer Wagner then transferred me to another agent to finish up the process, I was then transferred to Daniel Carmen, phone number 414-376-0661. He told me that because the amount was over $10,000 he needed to report it to the IRS. Once that was done he called me back and said that I needed to pay $1,000 dollars in taxes, and that I could do so by buying Google Play Cards and/or ITunes cards that Google would cash out the cards and pay the taxes owed. So, I bought 1 Google Play card for $500 and 5 ITune cards for $100 each. I then called him back, the call was answered Google Play Services, it was a recording, so I left a message and he called me immediately back. After I gave him the numbers he told me that he needed to process the cards and that he would call me back. I did not hear from him for some time, about an hour, so I called back and there was no answering at all. I hung up and called back with the same results. I then called Officer Wagner, he put me on hold and came back saying that Daniel Carmen was finishing up and I could expect a call back in about 15 minutes, so I waited. Twenty minutes later a man calls me back and said he was Daniel Carmen’s supervisor and that there was a problem with the taxes, that they were submitted under the improper name, because I didn’t give them my middle name. I told him that I was never asked for my middle name, he then started yelling at me that the screw up was my own fault. I started crying, he then calmed down and told me to stop crying because he was going to help me. He needed another $1000 in cards, that only started me crying again. He told me that if I could come up with another $500 he would pay the other $500. He also told me he would make sure to refund me back all the money I had paid in for my troubles of having to come up with more money, so the total I would receive would be $15,936, the grant for $14,566 plus $370 I initially paid for joining plus the initial $1000 that was lost. He told me to call him back within an hour to give him the numbers or at least give him an update on coming up with the $500, because I told him I had nothing left, my bank account had been emptied and I had already maxed out my credit cards getting the initial money. I confided to a friend about what was happening, he told me I had been scammed. They called back approximately an hour later, my friend answered, the man started yelling that they needed the $500, then they hung up. They called another two times and my friend answered each time, he insisted on talking to me each time and my friend insisted that he was me, so they hung up. This morning (11/1/18) at 8:38 they called back, but I was still sleeping, they never left a message. The only records I have are my telephone logs of the calls, I do not know how to attach them below. If they are needed I will request phone records from my provider.

Melody –

Victim Location 80228

Type of a scam Government Grant

I’m reporting this number as being used to scam. This is a voice scam designed to make you say "yes" or confirm, and then they hang up. Unfortunately I said "oooook?" and they accepted this and hung up. Since we only know they have my phone number and voice, I do not know what damage can be done. Will be diligent in checking my statements and credit reports.

Gloria –

Victim Location 67456

Type of a scam Government Grant

I received three separate calls today from the phone number (206) 629-603. (Not sure why the tenth digit didn’t show up on my phone.) With each one upon answering, I heard silence, half a ring tone, and then a person speaking in broken English. With each call, the person on the other end said that they were with the US Government Grants Department and wanted to let me know that I had been awarded money. With each, I demanded to be removed from their call list. However, with the most recent call, the individual repeatedly told me to listen to him before he began his introductory spiel. After googling the number, it became clear that I needed to report my experience.

Andre –

Victim Location 85296

Type of a scam Government Grant

They called me 3 times. I answered 3rd call

It was from Milwaukee,WI. The office address they gave me was Seattle,WA. Then I had to be transferred and but had to hang up and call me back. The next call was from Eastland, TX. The calls sounded like a call center, lots of noise in the background. I did not give information about bank account. But they I did confirm my DOB and last 4 digits of social security number. The callers had heavy foreign accents.

Marcus –

Victim Location 37214

Type of a scam Government Grant

Had a call that told me I won 9,200.00 from US Government Grant. Listened to entire phone pitch and called back the number in Washington to be told I had to put up $350.00 deposit for them to release my grant money. When I told them I thought it was a scam, she told me no scam and if you don’t send the money I will release the money to someone else who has $350.00.

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