used cars and trucks for less

Latoya – Feb 17, 2020

Victim Location 84015

Total money lost $8,772.34

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I had purchased/trade in a car from used cars and trucks for less in Salt lake City on 1/25/20. I returned it two days later on (1/27/20) for it dying on me twice and got my car back They said they sent the check on 1/28/20 and said it would take a week. So I waited a week later and had called them again and they told me they sent it on the third. Have been calling the bank to keep up with the check to see if they received it in mail and they told me to call used cars and trucks for less and ask them again when they sent it, how much and where. They told me how much, when they sent it, which they said it was the 7th this time and they refused to tell me where. Everytime I have called they hang up on me . MY husband has called to inquire about it and they hung up and called him an [censored]. From what I can see they are refusing to refund me the check even though the car has been returned. It has almost been a month and im going to be paying on car I don’t even have and I can not get another car until this loan is off my account.

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