Vincent –

Victim Location 21230

Total money lost $10,809.20

Type of a scam Other

Waterford Management Inc. ordered $10,809.02 worth of janitorial supplies from our company & after checking their references we shipped the products to them. We never received payment & after doing further investigation we realized it was a scam.

Robert –

Victim Location 55403

Total money lost $45,991.57

Type of a scam Other

Waterford Management reached out to my company in regards to setting up a customer account with us. After providing all the necessary documents and information needed to go through account set up process, the customer was approved for an account. Customer looked into cleaning supplies products we could order for them, and proceeded with the purchasing process. Upon account set up, customer requested 30 day terms. Once the customer’s goods were ready, the company arranged for a third party pick up from our companies warehouse. One week after picking up the product for their first order, they arranged a second order. After that delivery was picked up, they began approaching their 30 day terms. After they had passed their 30 day terms, all communication stopped, and any attempted communication with Waterford Management was unsuccessful. This is the point after doing some digging that we saw the nationwide alert from BBB in regards to Waterford Management. The contacts that were communicated with were Eddie Lee, Ray Goodwin, and Derek Richter was their department head.

Melody –

Victim Location 97402

Total money lost $8,820

Type of a scam Identity Theft

Waterford had been calling us for months. They were asking about the products that we sold as they were looking for a west coast distributor for their operations that were on the west coast. They wanted to set up an account and sent us all the required information. Everything seemed to check out and the first shipment was sent. Then within a week they were ordering another shipment. The only reason we questioned anything was that the freight company called us about picking up the shipment. They told us it was a "blind" shipment to New York. We looked up the previous shipment and found it had the same information. Things weren’t jiving with what they had told us, so we started delving in to this company further, online, etc. Wished we would have done that first. They had scammed many people. We called them and told them that we had a credit limit on their account and the first invoice needed to be paid before we sent out the next and that later after establishing a payment record we could up their credit limit. We didn’t want them to know we were on to them. After that phone call we have never heard from them again. They won’t answer any emails or phone calls. And our invoice sent to their address was returned. They scammed us out of $8820.00. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE!! DEFINITE SCAMMERS. THEY WILL NOT PAY YOU. Their references as far as we can tell are bogus also. It has definitely changed the requirements and vetting process for us extending credit to anyone in the future.

Fernando –

Victim Location 98409

Total money lost $10,436.33

Type of a scam Other

Waterford Management Inc. contacted our company, *** ***, on 08/02/16 about setting up an account to purchase janitorial supplies. They emailed in a completed Credit Application and we checked the business references and bank account reference they provided. Everything appeared to check out. Our main contact at Warterford Mangement was Ray Goodwin (email: [email protected]) and he is the one who emailed in two purchase orders to us. We shipped out the first order on 02/09/17 and it was picked up by Estes Express Lines. The shipment was taken to Diamond Distribution Inc., in Edison New Jersey. The second order was shipped out on 03/09/17 and was picked up by Estes Express Lines, but never reached its destination to the terminal in S. Plainfield, New Jersey. Estes Express Lines is currently investigating what happened to the shipment. We invoiced Waterford for a total of $10,436.33, for both orders. Before shipping out the second order, Joy Newton (email: [email protected]) in the Purchasing Department, promised that we would receive a check for $5,101.68 on 03/10/17 for the payment on the first order we shipped to them. When we did not receive the check and contacted them again, Gary Falcon (email: [email protected]) in accounting said that check #0282879 would be mailed out on 03/17/17. We still have not received any payment from the company. After we became suspicious, we found an article online from the ScamPulse.com with an alert about Waterford Management scamming janitorial supply companies. We have continued to contact Waterford Management by phone and email to inquire about payment (and have spoken to Ray on the phone – he still insists they are not scamming anyone) but we still have not received a check as promised. Upon further checking, the business references they provided are fake. Two of the websites for the business have IP addresses located in Canada, with one appearing to be a residence. The IP address for Waterford Mangement’s website also appears to be located in Canada.

Andrew –

Victim Location 48092

Total money lost $5,548.80

Type of a scam Other

This company placed a large order over $5000.00 with us of janitorial supplies for pick up.

They provided credit references which seemed to check out.

They have not returned phones calls, emails, or faxes in regards to the past due payment.

I decided to google and find the owner today and noticed their yelp review changed just from a month ago and had 4 negative comments added in the past week. All were other businesses who were also scammed. I have more backup information if needed.

Jennifer –

Victim Location 44212

Total money lost $22,000

Type of a scam Other

This company contacted my company, Home Appliance Sales & Service, back in August, 2016 wanting to establish an account with us to purchase appliances for many of their remodeling projects in the area. We did not follow up on the lead and they contacted us again on February 20, 2017. We sent them a credit app and they returned it completed with references. We contacted the references and everything checked out. We checked the internet and did not find anything suspicious. They sent us a purchase order for $22,000 worth or Frigidaire products which were picked up by a driver on 3/29/17. On 3/31/17, we were sent another PO for the same amount. I did not process the order because they were over their credit limit. I contacted Ray Goodwin to let him know we needed payment before we could process the next order. He asked if he could send financial info which he did. I sent the info to our CFO consultant this morning and he sent me back the fraud alert. At this time, Waterford does not know that we are on to them. Also, the products they picked up have serial numbers and can be tracked by the manufacturer. I also have additional documents in my possession I can send to you if requested.

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