Weinberg Mediation Group

Thomas –

Victim Location 71254

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Weinberg meditation group keep trying to get money out of me for a credit card I no longer have!!!! Contacting my family member trying to reach me and when they do this person is rude and trying to threaten me into paying them.

Drew –

Victim Location 21076

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Calls claiming that I am involved in a suit and they will seek action. Several calls of the period of a few weeks. Wants me to call them back or else they will seek legal action, etc. Related to debt collection.

Tyler –

Victim Location 90280

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Keeps calling me saying they’re going to sue me and have my personal information as well.

Jennifer –

Victim Location 03818

Type of a scam Debt Collections

We continue to receive phone calls from this number and it states that if we don’t respond today they will seek legal action against us for not cooperating with a legal investigation. We are not involved in any legal investigation. We have not been contacted in any other way shape or form as to a legal investigation. We googled the company and found complaints stating the same. I will not call the number back and have been told that if I were to be involved in any investigation they would notify me in person or by mail. Seems suspicious to me.

Jonathon –

Victim Location 95747

Type of a scam Debt Collections

The scammers call multiple times from multiple different numbers and ask to call regarding legal action and if you do not, you will be taken to court. They request name and social security number and other PII.

Dennis –

Victim Location 52722

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I was initially contacted on November 16th 2017. I had a couple missed phone calls one from phone ###-###-#### and another call from phone number ###-###-####. They both left me the same message. The message was this was a call for the Weinberg mediation they had my social security number and name on file that matched a document. If I or my attorney did not contact them within 24 hours legal proceedings would begin. I called the number back and talk to a mrs. Stein. She informed me that I had a credit card from GE Financial. I’ve never had a credit card from GE Financial. I then proceeded to tell her that I’ve never had one through them. She then asked me if I ever had a credit card through the Verve. Once again I did not. She said well you know they get bought by different people and the names change. I found this kind of fishy. She then listed a third card Continental Finance. I had a card a few years back for this company. At this point she proceeded to tell me I owed over $800. She asked what type of payment arrangement I could set up. I explained to her I could only pay $75 a month. She told me she could not do this. Then after me explaining to her that’s all I had to offer and if she didn’t want to accept it take me to small claims. She really interrupted me and inform me that she could offer me a deal of settling the debt for 50%. I told her this is something that I would look into and I would give her a call back. She told me if I wanted to do this I would need to call back with either a credit or debit card. I explained to her I don’t give payments that way I would do it either check or money order. She explain to me they don’t do it that way since the people that process the finances are not there at the office. I gave her call back on November 17th 2017 and requested that I had a validation sent to me via Postal Service. She put me on hold and told me she could send me an email with this information. I declined and said it is my right by law to have a paper sent to me via the Postal Service to prove that I owe this debt. She then explain to me that they are a green company and they do not do this. I then told her that I would not be setting up a payment plan until I had proof and evidence that I actually owed this debt and what exactly it was for. Her whole demeanor changed and she got really rude with me and told me that’s fine we’ll take you to small claims court and sue you for $3,000. I told her that was fine to not call me or my relatives that they had contacted the same day they had gotten ahold of me. And then I said some not-so-nice words to her. I proceeded to contact my local District Attorney’s office and explain to them what happened. They informed me that I did the right thing and to never pay anyone that denies sending you a legal validation or document stating what you owe. I have not received any prior communication about this via any other form. My phone call that I received on November 16th was the very first time I had ever had any contact from the Weinberg mediation company. My experience in the past has been you get a notice in the mail from a company trying to collect on something and then if there is no response they will contact you via phone. There was a few red flags that went up with this whole experience. I was almost dumb enough to pay them. I was further explained by the district attorney that if they denied to prove any sort of validation they are not entitled to any money. Like he said what a convenience it was for them to be a green company and not have access to mailing things. I hope no one else Falls victim to these people.

Frederick –

Victim Location 48017

Type of a scam Debt Collections

This company claimed to be calling on behalf of Oakland county clerk office. They were calling for my fiance. When I asked him why he was calling my phone, he proceeded to laugh at me and say "that’s funny, people do this all the time. They claim they are spouses so they can get information then avoid the calls." When I said I wasn’t avoiding the calls (I was the one that returned the voicemail). I called The court they had claimed to represent and the clerk informed me they had no idea who Weinberg Mediation group was.

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