Wendell Gomez

Kristin –

Type of a scam Government Grant

An offer came to me via my friend’s Messenger site (yes, her picture and all). It started out, "Hi, and how are you doing." This is not too far off something she might say. Then, "Hey, have you heard of the Federal Government Free Grants? I applied and received $150,000." We live in different countries. I was told that I would be eligible and a couple of my family members. I should contact Wendell Gomez to make application. I did begin the enquiry and received a Wendell Gomez facebook page on my Messenger site….then I started to get suspicious. I researched if there were any facebook/messenger scams about free government grants and found several!! I examined this site further and decided to report the scam. I also un-friended my friend, as it seems she’s been hacked. I un-friended her both on Facebook and Messenger, which is a shame, as it’s the only way we keep in touch. Anyway, then I posted a warning about such scams on my own Facebook page. I am concerned that somehow this hacker can still get to me!! It is so disheartening and disconcerting. I can’t imagine if people actually gave up money.

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