Western Unified Communications

Tasha –

Victim Location 94708

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

They send you an invoice and its has a total due. Small amount that seems reasonable for some conference or fax service. Top of the invoice has an account number, invoice number, and invoice date. My guess is they send tens of thousands of these invoices to companies and if 10% pay they make a lot of money.

When I called to ask for which service this was, you go through a menu of video conferencing, audio, etc. When I finally talked to someone I had to ask a lot of questions. Finally they said it was for a conference call number that we’ve never used. I asked when I last paid a bill and they say 9/15. But when I pressed they sent an invoice. I didn’t actually pay. Finally I asked them to close the account but they said I had to email them. Quite honestly I don’t want to do that since they’ll probably put me on some spam list and then send me even more mail.

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