Wesco Logistics

Rachel –

Victim Location 97408

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I found an ad on Craigslist that fit the "too good to be true" criteria. It was a 2002 Fleetwood Jamboree motorhome in better than excellent condition for $7000. I texted a reply and received a text right back stating it belonged to this person’s mother and I needed to email her. All texts and emails were promptly responded to. After emailing "the mother" I received an email from her stating that she had recently been divorced and had received the motorhome as part of her settlement and she didn’t want it. She insisted that the motorhome was "as shown" in the 75+ pics she sent me. The more I looked at this pics the more I thought they looked very stock. Like they had never used the rig. She said that the motorhome was "wrapped" and being stored at Wesco Logistics in Fargo ND where "she" is now living. She said that Wesco would deliver the motorhome to our home and we would have 5 days to inspect it. If we didn’t like it we could ship it back. She was going to pay for all shipping including the return trip if we made the decision that we didn’t want it. I was to wire the $7000 to Wesco where they would hold it in escrow. If we liked the rig Wesco would distribute the monies to Maryam Carter who was the supposed owner of the motorhome. Being suspicious I called Wesco and a man with a heavy accent answered the phone…not identifying the business. I asked him about the transaction and he not only verified that it would go down exactly as Maryam Carter had described but also volunteered that they were in possession of the motorhome. After too many red flags were thrown up I did check with BB on Wesco and found the same exact scam being reported not once but several times. Needless to say I emailed "Maryam Carter" and told her we were cancelling our transaction. I found the ad on Craigslist in Eugene, Or. Thank god no money changed hands.

Emmanuel –

Victim Location 55416

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Found a boat listing on boattrader.com at a great price. After inquiry to look at and test drive, the seller instructed me to go through an escrow shipping company since they recently moved to Fargo, ND after a divorce (boat was acquired by them as part of a divorce settlement which was why it was so cheap). I was promised no upfront fee and 5 days to inspect/test the boat and then either follow through with the purchase or send it back at seller’s expense. Seemed too good to be true because it was. Thankfully, I searched the escrow/delivery service (Wesco Logistics) and the firewall blocked it as "Russian Federation." After further investigation, I found similar scam scenarios using different company names as the third party escrow shipping service where buyers never received the boat or car and were not able to receive their money held by the escrow service.

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