Cody –

Victim Location 15206

Type of a scam Other

I received an email today with a header containing the beginning of my email address plus a low-level password I use. Got my attention.

The sender claimed to have taken over my computer webcam and filmed me doing "nasty things" while watching online pornography, and said that in addition to my password he had accessed my email contacts and facebook contacts. He wanted $3600 in bitcoin as blackmail to not share this purported video with everyone in my contact list. The last paragraph said that there was a pixel in the email that would indicate to him that I’d read the email, and I had two days to comply.

I don’t have a facebook account and I’ve never used my computer for the purpose he described, so I’m not worried and I just threw away the email, but the aggressive, threatening tone – plus the fact that this person had accessed this password – made me want to pass on the story to anyone who might not have those securities.

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