Wm Litigation

Martha –

Victim Location 92505

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I was contacted by this business at my place of employment on 1/24/18. I was unavailable at the time this call was made and the person calling from this number told my co worker to inform me that I was to expect a package at work. My co worker also informed me that they tried to get additional information about me and she felt something was a bit off about the call. I contacted the number that he left with my coworker and was sent to an operator who then asked for the file number that was given from the initial call. The operator connected me to a man who claimed that he was calling on behalf of his "processors" regarding an old debt from a department store several years ago. The man I was speaking to Christian *** said he was calling from a W&M litigation office and that I was to expect to be served papers at my place of employment. Mr. *** proceeded to review with me certain personal information he had obtained to "verify my identity". I was speaking to Mr. *** on my lunch break and was initially very panicked at the idea of getting served papers regarding this debt. Mr. *** then continued to say that I could situate a payment arrangement right then and there to avoid being served papers. Mr. *** gave me total of the debt and told me that it wasn’t very much, that I could pay 150 a month with an initial 350 deposit. I told Mr. *** that I would not be able to pay that much up front, he said I could make a settlement offer or he could have me pay 150 up front then 100 a month. I told him that if this is indeed a legitimate debt I would call him the following day to arrange what I would be able to pay. I also made sure he was informed not to contact my place of employment again. I was very uncomfortable with this entire situation and felt it did not seem right. I contacted the original creditor from this debt to try to obtain more information, which I was able to do. The following day I made sure to have my mother present with me during my conversation with Mr. Garcia. I called Mr. *** back at the number original number given with his ext. on 1/25/18 . Once transferred to Mr. *** he immediately asked me how I would like to pay. I proceeded to ask Mr. *** more about the company he was calling from and who he was calling on behalf of and that I need to make sure I protect myself by obtaining all necessary information regarding this debt collection. Mr. *** became very rude and unprofessional from that point on, he began to get very upset that I was requesting additional information. I told Mr. *** that I am requesting this debt collection and all details regarding this be sent in writing to my home address that he already had. I continued to try to explain to Mr. *** that I needed to protect myself and make sure that I could validate this debt collection and review all details on paper. Mr. *** proceeded to speak over me, not letting me finish my sentence, telling me we were simply "going in circles" and that we were beyond me requesting information be mailed to me. Mr. *** said that if I did not want to take care of this I could simply expect papers to be served to me at work. He then proceeded to hang up on me while I was asking him to mail me documentation. My mother being present for all this then called back and stated that she did not appreciate how he spoke to me and his level of unprofessionalism, that if this was indeed a legitimate debt collection I would address it after I received the appropriate documentation. Mr. *** proceeded to tell my mother in regards to his treatment to me on the previous call , that this " is not customer service". Both my mother and I could not believe how he was speaking to us and the tactics he was using to insist I pay over the phone. Mr. *** continued to talk over both us being very unprofessional , we told him we were going to report to the ScamPulse.com and he ended with stating I would be served papers at my work. I felt this entire situation was a scam to intimidate people to pay money over the phone, using fear tactics such as threatening to serve you papers at work.

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