Western Cove

Julia –

Victim Location 98498

Type of a scam Rental

I contacted the "apartment owner" to sublease her 1BR/1BA apartment and was referred to the property management co: Western Cove. Turns out they don’t exist to my knowledge. They wanted me to do a direct transfer for $3000 ($1500 down deposit and $1500 first months rent) to their account. I supplied the routing info and bank account number that I was told to wire my money to below. I felt so violated even though I didn’t actually send them any money. Thankfully my dad helped me detect the scam as they touted having a ‘rooftop pool’ which is not at all likely in Seattle, WA.


Please use the following instructions to send funds by wire:

?Bank name*** ***

Head office City & State  Avenue, , WA 98104

Beneficiary name Western Cove

ABA #036002810

ACCOUNT#380 310 2901

Thank you for your business.

Rachel –

Victim Location 60201

Type of a scam Rental

This company lists apartments on Craigslist, advertising them as a sublease opportunity. The "tenant" made contact via email to help make the arrangement seem more legitimate. I gathered several documents from the company in order to better make this report, including a sublease agreement and payment instructions that outline the bank wire or check mail instructions. I have attached those documents.

I suspected that this was a scam because Western Front shows up in no searches for real estate companies, and they are not listed on LinkedIn or other sites that legitimate companies’ employees and salespeople would use. They also offered a too-good-to-be-true below-market rate on the apartment, and offered a 10% discount for full upfront payment.

I confirmed (in my mind) that this is a scam when I called the owner’s association for the building at 733 Front St. in San Francisco to inquire about the specific listed unit and to confirm whether it was available for a sub-lease. The person I spoke with already knew of this posting, and asked if I was dealing with a company called Western Cove. He confirmed that no one in the building has any association with the company.

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