Whitehawk Global Staffing

Paul –

Victim Location 75370

Type of a scam Employment

Received a call from Anthony (Tony) Dixon, a recruiter, on 11/24/2015 at 3:51pm (CST). He stated I applied to Whitehawk Global Staffing for an RN position but I never did. Conversation went on for about 8 minutes. During the phone "interview", Tony briefly asked for my nursing background. He then asked for my national origin, which is 100% illegal (red flag). I was told to email him my social security card, Texas driver’s license, and one more document which I can’t remember (Please refer to the attached document) by 10pm. He never asked for my nursing license. Tony told me to log into their website and take three required tests.

Later on at 8:38pm, I called a different number that was on the email just to make sure it’s a fraud. A guy named Jeff picked up, stating he’s the president of the company (sounded like he’s in his early 20s). When asked, he said Whitehawk does medical staffing as well as security. I asked Jeff why the company needs for my SS and driver’s license. Jeff stated the company has to give them to other employers to check my nursing info (Employers can check my nursing license info by using my full name and nursing license number on Texas Board of Nursing website. SS and DL is never needed unless I’m hired). He also stated emailing a copy of SS card and driving license a normal process and that all of their nurses do it this way. In addition, he said many nurses prefer not to come to the office in Arlington because emailing is much easier and faster. Because I was very skeptical, he told me to go to their website because they’re, in quote, legit. I was smart enough not to share my personal information but I’m concerned some people may fall for this scam.

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