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Victim Location 02302

Type of a scam Tech Support

I have been receiving what seems like a scam phone call from Indian operators for a few years now. The person starts the conversation by stating that they have detected problems with windows on my computer. I usually then reply by telling them that I don’t not have any problems and hang up. Well, I received another call the other day. I was getting angry with the caller, so I stated that he was the problem and to stop calling me. The person then asked if I was angry. When I replied yes, he then told me to shut up and listen to him. I then replied no I will not and why don’t he shut up. He then used profanity and hung up on me! This only strengthened my belief that these calls are definitely a scam to possibly obtain personal information by phishing into my computer. What ligitimate company is going to tell a customer to shut up and use profanity? Thank You.

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