Windows Service Center

Mindy –

Victim Location 97213

Type of a scam Tech Support

have received repeated phone calls saying from

"Windows Service Center"

claiming that they could see problems on my computer.

I don’t have a windows computer so I know it was a scam.

They called from phone number 519-254-3617

Nikki –

Victim Location 50158

Total money lost $749.99

Type of a scam Tech Support

I was called by Windows Service Center their ID is [email protected], they called me and told me I had an error on my computer. They instructed me to let them remote in to my computer, so they could fix it. They gave me my IP address and other information about my computer. So I thought it was legate. Then they offered me to clean up errors and install Malware and speed up my computer. After they did this they offered me a year of service for $200 or a lifetime for $350.00. I took the lifetime offer and gave them my credit card information. Less than 24 hours later my computer was acting funny. I had other peoples accounts and transaction numbers coming across my computer screen. I then figured I was hacked or had a virus. This happened on a Saturday contacted my bank on Monday and found they this company had taken more money than they where suppose to. This company called me Tuesday to find out how service was doing. My computer was down due to my internet company issues, so the tech from this company called me on Wed. and said he was checking to see if I had any issues. I told him yes. He wanted back into my computer and I said no and I had factory reset my computer to get rid of what they had installed. He said they found the problem after I told them about the extra transactions they had taken from me and they wanted me to give them my bank number to put the funds back in. I refused and asked them to return the money by Western Union or Check. They refused and said they would a bank number to credit this account from their accountant. They called on Thursday and it was the say story again. I again refused to give them any more information and asked again for a check or Western Union and again was denied. Then they transferred me to their accountant and he said the same thing that they could only get the money back to me if I gave them my bank account numbers. I again refused. They told me they would call Friday which they did call and service tech wanted the bank numbers again. I refused and asked him for his personal bank account numbers. He refused. The tech said his name was Adam Parker his number is 530-776-1154. I don’t feel this is a reputable company and feel they are scamming people. Brad Louis is the name I was given for the Windows Service Center whit is suppose to be located in Salt Lake City, UT. Could you let me know if anyone else has had issues with this company.

Daniel –

Victim Location 54914

Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a call from Windows Service Center, 866-978-5929, Michael Williams, stating my computer needed fixing. $99 for 1 year, $500 for lifetime. I gave him control of my computer and a few days later I started having problems. I called the real Windows support and was told that they would not call me. I was scammed

Regina –

Victim Location 53024

Type of a scam Tech Support

They call and say they are from "Windows Service Center" and say that they are getting errors from my computer that it’s trying to be hacked. They tell me to go in front of my computer to rectify the problems. And ask for a lot of personal information, including credit car info. When asked who they are and how they got my number, they say it’s on my computer ID tag? I don’t think so! I immediately asked for a phone number where I can report them, because I was getting 3-4 calls a day! After she gave me the number she immediately hung up on me. The number originally comes up as 1-(212)10 and 1-(410)212-10 which obviously aren’t real numbers. But the number she did give me was 302-268-3102. And after Googling that number I learned about other people experiencing the same problem! Enough is enough!

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