Winston Lending Group

Justin –

Total money lost $7,000

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I received an email saying I was approved for a loan for 30,000 but I had to pay 1975. first for insurance and the money would be deposited into my account as soon as the received the email transfer. To make a long story short I was dealing with 3 different gentlemen every time asking for 1000 more and more and until I ended up giving them 7000 dollars! I am shocked at myself for continuing on with the scam! They are still answering there phone so they did tell me I was getting my money back ya the check is in the mail its now been about 3 weeks since the check has been in the mail. So I have continued calling sometimes I get lucky and they answer than I usually get hung up on. I have tried asking what happened to the other 2 fellows I was dealing with there phone numbers are now disconnected and the guy that is answering the phone calls told me they were sent to another department. Needless to say I will continue to call them until I guess they change there phone number!

Denise –

Total money lost $2,000

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

My wife was contacted and like [censored] we gave them money. We have asked for a refund and just keep receiving the go around. We received 2 different emails and they both had different addresses on them. I called the building manager of one of them and they have never heard of the company before.

Courtney –

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I was contacted by a loan manager, Nicholas Clark from Winston Lending Group. I was offered a $10000 loan at 7% interest. I was told by him that I could get the loan by getting a co-signor, the second option I’m not quite sure what it was(it was terrible reception during the call), & the third option was to pay a $989 liability insurance to be sent through an EMT. The last option raised red flags immediately & I told the lender that I wanted time to think about it. Really I just wanted research this company. Upon a google search I found no info about this place & the first website that came up was After doing more research I came across urloan on Facebook & contacted them to get their opinion as they have numerous postings about online scams. I just received a private message from them indicating that they’re certain it’s a 100% scam because Winston Lending Group doesn’t provide a phone number on their website & they also advised me to report this to

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