Wolphman and Shaw association

Janet –

Victim Location 03244

Total money lost $91.39

Type of a scam Debt Collections

This company located my x husband somehow and stated I had two hours to contact them or they were taking me to trial my x then called me and I called them back they said to me they were collecting a debt that was in collections but has now been sold to them and the regular collector was us cellular and I had a bill from ten years ago that needed to be paid or they take me to court to get the money and they can collect from anything thing I own or my sons ss checks or my bank account and pay. I don’t remember having a us cell bill ever but remembered I somehow had gotten a thing from them and it was disputed and resolved as I stated when disputed that the bill was not mine. I told this women that and she was like well u know about it as u stated it was in ur collections I again said yes but it wasn’t mine and it was despited. After a long conversation of her saying she’ll take me to court ect I agreed to make these payments and gave my bank account card number which they took first payment out already of 91.39 she says I have to pay this for one year every month ot I have to pay all up front and court fees. I then called us cell and they said I don’t have an account with them they checked under dob and ss number. I called this women back at w&s and she said they wouldn’t know cause it was so long ago ect. I have done some research my self and calls and Beliebe this is a Scam and hope to figure it out soon for i can get my money refunded and not let them take anymore next payment comes out in nov.

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