Wrap Media Group

Ramon –

Victim Location 31707

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

My husband and I were looking for a way to make extra money because we have a baby on the way. My husband found online a car wrapping service where we would be advertising a logo. We were suppose to be advertising "Sheets Energy Strips." They guy never actually talked to us on the phone, which made me very skeptical about doing this. He sent us a $2,000 check in the mail for us to paid our $500 weekly in advance and send a money order to the guy who was a traveling car wrapper. We were told he would be by soon to wrap the car. I wanted to know how the man would wrap the car without it being in a body shop but we got no answer. He has all my husbands information (address, phone number and work place). After we got the check I researched the company and bank that was on the check. The company wasn’t Wrap Media Group it was an insurance agency. The bank was not in Florida but in Tennessee. The phone number was a California number. I was sent a link telling me how this was a new scam, people send out fake checks to have their car wrapped and as soon as you send out or wire the money over, you will never hear from them again. So we sent this link to the guy (Brent), and he immediately called us for the first time. That’s how I found out the number was from California, the caller ID said that. He told us that the check would be coming from Wells Fargo and that he gave us his word this was the real deal. He was very hard to understand on the phone. We told him that we would be calling Wells Fargo to confirm the check, he told us that there was no need to call and confirm. So I was very skeptical then about it. I never deposited the check because the link/website telling me about the new scam said the bank wouldn’t be able to detect it for a couple weeks. First thing this morning I called the insurance company and that’s when they confirmed the check was fake. We have not heard anything else from Brent.

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