Kari –

Victim Location 84664

Total money lost $99.94

Type of a scam Online Purchase

www.cellumis.com fraudulent billing. 9/28: The site was linked to an ad showing Dr. Travis of tv show The Doctors and looking like it was a product he himself was selling. I clicked the link and proceeded to order the sample. As I clicked through I expected an order confirmation with prior to submitting to insure I entered my info correct and verify the order. Instead I received a screen that said it was being shipped. At no time during the ordering process was the trial terms presented or a summary of my charges. I received the bottle in the packaging with only instructions on using the face cream. There was no bill, invoice, or receipt. On 10/11 I noticed that a debit dated 10/13 of $99.94 appeared on my bank account. I contacted the company on 10/12. The CS rep did not acknowledge the deceptive advertising and unfair business practices I brought up, but told me that not only did I have to pay the full amount, I was subscribed to pay the same amount each month, and that the terms should have been clearly provided on the ordering page. I told her to cancel any subscription under my name and to refund the $99.94. She told me she could give me a 30% discount and kept asking if I liked the product. I told her whether or not I liked it had nothing to do with it and that the billing practice was deceptive and to immediately refund my money. She offered a 50% discount and was going to give me a confirmation code. I repeated that I wanted a full refund, but to tell me her confirmation code and I would call my bank. She immediately told me, without going off the line, that I would get a one-time 100% refund as a courtesy and be removed from their subscription. She said the funds should take 1-3 days to refund to my bank.

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