Allied International Credit Corp. US

Micheal – Jan 04, 2021

I too feel that Allied International Credit Corp is a scam. I contacted eBay and they said that I didn’t owe them anything and to contact Allied International Credit Corp. as the account had gone to them for collection. I strongly feel that eBay is in on this scam someway. I used eBay to advertise a vehicle that I was selling. The ad on eBay didn’t make the sale. Another source brought me a buyer the next day.The fact that eBay won’t allow a customer, especially with a problem, to speak to a live agent says volumes to me. There is problem with eBay. This case involves ebay trying to take my listing and then trying to sell my vehicle at auction on eBay. I never authorized eBay to sell my vehicle at auction. eBay tried to charge me with fees involved with the aucion and then turned the account over to Allied International Credit Corp.

Darrell –

Victim Location 91010

Type of a scam Debt Collections

They started with calls to my cell phone and work place and today 3/18/2019 a letter was received

As you can see the first option of payment is Western Union Quick Collect and the number provided for them is the same once used to

contact a person called Julie Tengco at 844-440 – 8144

They also accept Certified check or Money Order which is also used to run scams

The AIC stated I owed money to eBay and that I needed to submit payment.

I contacted eBay and explained the situation and they confirm that I did not have any pending payments and

that it was a scam.

The "business" scares and intimidate innocent people into paying bogus charges

The account information they provided is made up it doesn’t apply to my account.

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