Maes Estates

Sandra –

Victim Location 48306

Total money lost $2,781

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

The company Maes- estates contacted me saying that I applied to a part time/work from home position. The pay would be $3,000 monthly as well as 5% commission off of each completed account or assignment. The company explained themselves as a "middle man" company that would assist corporations in the relocating of workers.

They send me a check in the mail, and then I was instructed to cash the check and complete a money gram to the client. My 5% commission was to be deducted from the check total once the money gram was sent.

I completed this assignment last Friday, November 6, 2015. This morning on November 9, 2015, I was notified from my bank that my account was over drafted for the same amount as the check that I had cashed. My bank, Chase bank, explained to me that the check that I deposited was "fictitious" and was removed from my account. However, I had already completed the assignment so the money was no longer in my account. So I am now over drafted for the total amount of the check, $2,781.00. Chase bank is telling me that I will be charged the over draft fee within 24 hours and that I am held responsible for the amount scammed due to the fact that I deposited the check into my own account.

I have contacted them 3 times today via email and they have stated that the check is real and not a scam. The only communication I have had with this company is via email. The main contacts name is Alice Verstraeten. Another name, Maes Xander, has also been the contact name corresponding with me. However, the email address is the same.

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