Margaret –

Victim Location 96792

Type of a scam Rental

Property was listed on I emailed that I was very in renting it. The person went by the name Neil and said his job relocated him to Colorado, so he is wants to rent out his apartment. Said he was using Natwest Escrow Services. "Arnold" called me, said he was with the escrow service. Wanted me to send deposit and 1st month’s rent, then he will send my "package" which will consist of keys and my documents. I asked to see the apartment first….. no reply, asked again…. no reply. Then I see the same property 3052 Turk Blvd, listed for sale on several realty sites. When I emailed them "Arnold" about this…. no response. Very sketchy procedures, no credit check, just asked me if I had any criminal records…. that’s it !

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