New United Nation Funding Program

Teresa –

Victim Location 93265

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I received a facebook message from Warde Miller telephone number 828-380-4298 about the New United Nation Funding Program NUF FEDEX which is getting money from this program and then a person Andrea Maccharles wanted my name. address and telephone number and quoted that if I do this she would get paid for this and the last 2 weeks a Kathleen M. Richardson with the FGG wants me to fill out a 2 paper file paper for this Funding and all this is on facebook "Message" area and this person shows her in a uniform like military and they quote "Hurry" ASAP. I have tried to look them up in facebook but nothing come on! which make me think it is a SCAM! and today I have another "Message" note from one of them but I have not opened it yet. These people live someplace in United States somewhere and the Warde Miller was a Law Enforcement Officer in Marin Count California but has retired.

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