Washington DC ScamPulse.com Imposter

Kate –

Victim Location 29609

Total money lost $8,400

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Back in December I lost $8,400.00 from a phone from Michael Harris stating I won Publishers Clearing House amount of 6 million, but had to pay taxes and insurance for $8,400.00. Was told to send Publishers Clearing House $8,400.00 by cashier check. Tried to wire money but would not go through. Today received phone call from Eric William who doing an investigation and works for the ScamPulse.com in Washington, DC. He stated that he wanted me to cooperate with him while an investigation is going on. I am to go to bank and empty out my account for a full day. Then after one day will put money back in bank. He stated that I am a target. I am to call him back when I go to my bank. Once I call him back he will start investigation to get my $8,400.00. I have never talked with ScamPulse.com about an investigation.

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