Will – Auto Dent Solicitation Scam

Fernando –

Victim Location 98087

Total money lost $80

Type of a scam Employment

We were approached by a man who called himself "Will". He was very tan, black hair, dark brown eyes, and seemed high out of his mind. He drove a gold minivan. He stated he was a friend of our neighbors across the street, and in fact we saw them talking at length. This same man had approached my husband previously, and my husband had not told me. I have a large dent in the side of my car that I’m waiting to get repaired. This man stated he was at his "friend’s" house doing some work on his car when he noticed the dent in mine, and wanted to offer to fix it quickly. He then asked me what it would be worth to me to have the dent fixed. I stated $200 if it was perfectly fixed, because that’s my insurance deductible. He stated ok, if I can fix it entirely, you can pay me instead. I agreed. He then briefly ran a torch over my car door, then wiped turtle wax around the edges of then dent, then using suction cups, pulled the largest middle section of the dent out. That portion did come out. But it left the creased tops section of the dent and the gentle crease at the bottom of the dent. I couldn’t see this due to the was. My husband arrived at that point and stated we weren’t paying a dime because I’d still have to get the car fixed in the shop. "Will" then argued that we only needed a small amount of body filler to fill the top creased spot (despite some areas being higher than the car line which filler cannot fix). He also immediately said "Well I’ll take just $80". I said fine. But since no one carries cash, I literally had to go to an ATM and this guy followed me there to get the money. He also had us leave the wax in place till after he was gone in order to "prevent the paint from crinkling up, or the dent popping back in". Later we removed the wax. The creases are still there. I’ll still have to go to the shop. So even though a section of the dent was pulled out, there is no value to what he did since I have to have a repair shop fix it anyway. If we see him in the neighborhood again we’ll call the police. The man also had no business cards to give out and conveniently left them in his "other car". I assume his other car is a stolen huffy bike with no wheels that he keeps in his cardboard box down by the river. After reading of identical scams online, I think it’s clear I’ve been scammed. The worst part is, he knows where we live, and clearly has lurked around our street before since he approached my husband before and was in my neighbors driveway.

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